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Exercise Ball

I know, I didn't name this one.

You would be amazed what a simple rubber ball would do not only for your posture but for your sex life! Especially if you have the same problem I do, (well, it’s more my partner’s problem), when it comes to oral play I’m a bit of a “bucker”. I nearly broker her nose a few times.

Oops. What can I say? I get into it, which tends to mean my body is going to whip back and forth. It happens to the best of us. The beauty of the exercise ball is that not only does it absorb the shock, but it lets you move your body in some pretty awesome positions.

Plus, balls come in different sizes (hehee), so you can get just the right size for you to bend over forwards or backwards. You could even have multiple sizes of balls to mix things up.

And on a slightly separate subject, they’re also great for trimming your lady bits if your into that.

I give the Exercise Ball 5 fuckin' lemons, because it's tricky, but it's a damn good time.

Definitely for sex with others, solo play is for well balanced advanced players (and preferably for soft flooring to break the fall should you slip). And remember, you (and your partner) are going to need to be in shape for this one!



temptress said...

Finally, someone found a use for those things! LOL

Actually, I love mine... and best of all, it's easier to clean, and way cheaper then the "Librator"!

Emily 18 Video Clips said...

I totally wanna try doin' the deed while exercising...that'll be a fun way to shed poundage!