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Bitch Blog entitled "Prop 8..."

Response to a blog on Bitch entitled "Prop 8...", she desperately tries to put together a train wreck of an argument about how she's glad Obama won but she's disgusted to live in California now. She continues, saying that she will refuse to go to any heterosexual weddings and that any heterosexuals planning on getting married should call it off if they care at all about gay rights. She began this minnie rant with a paragraph going on and on about how she's glad Obama won, and gay people need to say that more so people don't get the wrong idea about why they're angry. jackass.

I refuse to start this with any excuses.

I was elated when Obama won, not because he is hope, but because he symbolizes the hope within us all that black people in America are being thought of instead of consistently disregarded or being targeted as rapist or gang leaders. He symbolizes the hope within us all that women will be remembered and taken care of when we say No. He symbolizes the hope within us all that the LGBT community WILL gain and maintain their rights. He symbolizes the hope within us all that because we are American we will fight and become a little bit safer everyday in our own towns, cities, states, and country.

He symbolizes America. Every President symbolizes America, they do not become America, they simply become a well known representation. The hope that we all carried within ourselves for this well known symbol to become diverse was not fully achieved, but we got a hell of a lot closer.

I cried for a full day and a half when Prop 8 started to show signs of being passed. The fact that my marriage would not be recognized in a state and a country I am so proud to come from nearly broke me. The fact that I am so proud to represent this state, and it is not proud to represent me, nearly made me throw up my hands and give up.

But I will not make excuses; I will not blame heterosexual couples that just want to love each other as I want to love my wife. I will not blame religious people for forgetting just how revolutionary and progressive their leader was. I will not blame black and Latino communities as the media has for taking away this right. I will not blame a person that is just a symbol, for almost losing my hope.

This is not a new fight, but in the grand scheme of things this is a young and very fragile fight, I should have protected it more.

We ARE are country, some of us have to fight more to make that point, but in the end the only way to win, the only way to protect ourselves, our hope, and our country is to try to listen to each other. To care for each other.

Because simply put, Divided We Are Always Conquered.


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