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Nomi is my Homegirl.

If you've been following our toy reviews, you probably have gathered that this grrl is a huge fan of outer stimulation. Well, if you're in the same boat, check out Nomi Tang's Better Than Chocolate vibe.

Winged like a lady-lovin' angel of O, this beautiful, sleek, soft vibe hugs you in all the right places with her subtle curves and almost fabric-like skin (thermoplastic elastomer & polycarbonate - silicon & water-based lubes applicable!!!). Renamed - like we do - in honor of her ingenious maker, "Nomi" has a complicated control system that takes a minute to... master, so we STRONGLY advise to figure her out before you get down to business (our Sex Ed goddess made this very frustrating faux pas). But don't let that discourage you! Nomi has three settings of rhythm, but you can adjust pressure, speed, and lock it into place if you like where you're headed. Plus, ladies, she's waterproof!

But I'm not ending it there. On TOP of all that gloriousness, Nomi comes beautifully packaged in her own, discreet box, plus a velour bag, instruction manual, and a one-year, no-questions-asked guarantee!

And from the rather charming notes from Ms. Tang herself, this company is into eco-friendly production & disposal, not to mention the, ahem, in-depth synopsis about how to explore & love yourself from the inside out with vibrators. "First, create a nice environment: make sure that you are warm, care for a sensual lighting and music, switch off your phone, and simply relax for a bit...gently touching and rubbing the skin on your neck and shoulders..."

Do you love this woman yet??? A sex toy inventor that takes time to explain this to newcomers to self-love - my wish is that one day everyone has someone to say take a minute for yourself; its not ALL about getting off. And you can tell, Tang Loves her job. Check out her blog here and see for yourself.

And go get yourself a Nomi of your own. Five Lemons - principles, toys, and all that jazz.


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Free Porn said...

I should buy my girl with that toy, she will surely be happ with it!