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As of last night 3 petitions have already been filed with the CA Supreme Court,
Petition 1: American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal and the National Center for Lesbian Rights
Petition 2: the counties of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Clara
Petition 3: Gloria Alfred, an attorney for the first gay couple to legally wed in the state. (She's badass, she'll get it done)

And the State Attorney General, Jerry Brown, says of the 16000 same-sex marriages performed between the court ruling in may and prop 8 passing Monday will remain valid.

So hopefully that will be a little comforting for everyone, it made me feel a little better. We just need to keep reminding ourselves and our community that we will not give up on each other.

As for re-opening prop 8, it really scares me, I fear that we would end up just going back and forth with gaining and losing our rights. Remember, people that are against gay marriage are just as determined as we are. If we win these current cases, we have a better chance at maintaining our rights.

In order to show our support (and rebuild our confidence), we will be in our wedding dresses in the Castro having a very gay, very happy, pub crawl. So come get dressed up in whatever you would like to be married in, or whatever you'd like to wear to a bitchin' wedding, and help us support our community and make everyone in the Castro feel a little bit better.


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