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Question: Is the Cone quiet?

Is the cone loud? Loud defined as something that one could hear through a closed door in a fairly quite house.

The Cone is VERY quiet. One of the most quiet vibrators I’ve encounter. (Leelou is by far the quietest). Definitely something you could use in a quiet house if you are quiet. If not, I recommended masturbating to music or popping in a movie (doesn’t even need to be sexy or porn, just some noise to make you feel more comfortable), or practicing quiet masturbation while no one is home.
Practicing different types of masturbation will open up your sexuality, including your own noise levels, holding your breath as you cum (I don't, however, recommended holding your breath for longer than 30 seconds or strangling yourself –called asphyxiation-, it's incredibly dangerous), or breathing more deeply as you cum.

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