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Ask for Jane

Her daughter was 14 years old at the time. And fancy that, at 17, she kept her baby.

I don't know about everyone else, but my mother would never throw me under the bus like that.

Roe v. Wade is in serious danger of being overturned.

This can very much happen. In March of 2006 South Dakota outlawed all abortion. There is only one exception. If 3 separate doctors prove that she will die if she does not abort the pregnancy, then it is legal. Now ask yourself, how often do you think a doctor will guarantee that you will die?

Rape, incest, the woman's health being in possible danger, none of these count as valid reasons to legally get an abortion in South Dakota.

my body is all that i own.

Abbie Hoffman,
Allan Ginsburg,
Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Jimi Hendrix's version of Star-Spangled Banner,
David Dellinger,
John Lennon,
Gloria Steinem,

but what happened in our history that we forgot about Ruth Surgal ("Big Jane") and Laura Kaplan, The Abortion 7, The Service, The Abortion Counseling Service? When did we forget the estimated 11,000 women that had the balls to Ask for Jane?

Jane was created by Ruth Surgal while she was working with the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. It was slow to begin; she just helped friends of friends get in contact with an illegal abortion. Word spread that there was a woman in the area who would help, and she began to use the alias "Jane".

Some women from the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. Some of these women were also apart of Jane.

The demand grew, so, like a true revolutionary, Ruth recruited other women to work with her and Jane grew.

The women of Jane began to realize that $500 for a pretty scary experience just wasn't good enough, so they did more. They learned how to give safe abortions, and began training each other.

When Jane got busted in May of 1972, they estimated Jane had performed 11,000 safe illegal abortions. Not A Single Woman Died.

Not a single woman from Jane was found guilty. Not a single woman who used their service would testify against them. At least 2 women got lawyers because the police were trying to force them into testifying and these women refused to testify against Jane.

That's pretty fucking badass if you ask me.

So in response to Sarah Palin, you can try to take away my rights. Fuck You. I will be a better mother than you, I will care for my sisters, and if you outlaw abortion, Jane Will Be Back.


Virginia Harris said...

Thanks to the suffragettes, America has women voters and women candidates, and we are a better country for it!

Women have voices and choices! Just like men.

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