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Sliquid Silk

Water based Silicone blend
Glycerine free & Paraben free!

No scents, sugars, flavors, none of that shit, which is a god sent for any lady with a sensitive lady like me.

This AMAZING lube is a water based silicone blend. (It’s fucking unbelievable.) Which means that the silicone in it makes it longer lasting and less tacky, and the water in it makes for (only slightly) easier clean up.

Silicone and water based lubes are safe with condoms, and most sex toys. However, Silicone based lube is not safe with most silicone sex toys, but you could use glass, wood, metal, and of course plastic.

Ok, so moving on from the slightly boring stuff (at least that’s what I’m told it is when I get all excited and go on a 10 minute rant about how fascinating it is that the eco-friendly green movement is now seeping into the sex toy culture, and how people are starting to talk more about what materials are non-toxic and safe for your lady and the earth!).

When I tested this lube at the store (on my fingers), it felt like sex, isn’t that what you want from your lube? It has more of a creamy texture, and unlike most silicone based lubes you’re not left feeling all oily after you wipe it off.

When I tried it at home I was equally impressed, but remember, you always want to use LESS lube when it has silicone in it. You can always add, but once you’ve got too much lube there’s no going back.

I'm only giving it 4 lemons though, because last time I was at the store I noticed they had a whole line of flavored and scented lubes CHOCK FULL of glycerine, which I thought was pretty hypocritical to their whole campaign of woman friendly lube.


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