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Introducing Pup

Check out our guest reviewer, Pup’s, first Sex Advice & Lemonade review for PowerHole! A gay porn reviewed by the first gay male to give us his two cents. A special thanks to Pup for helping us get our juice on…

Fine. I admit it--I love fisting! That said, consider yourself warned. While I own Club Inferno's entire Powerfist trilogy (and was glad to have received them!), I'm reviewing POWERHOLE first. The reason for reviewing Part 2 first is because it is the one that I turn to time and time again. The first sucking/fucking scene could have landed on the cutting room floor and this video would have still been worth owning. I love to watch the bottom in the second scene. This is a man who can take it and the looks on his face are exquisite! It is, however, the top in the third scene which always takes me to the point of no return. He's incredibly sexy but above all, you can tell he truly loves playing with a boy's butt. It shows in his face and in his performance. I can't take my eyes off him! The final fucking scene is very hot but it's the third scene that makes this video. I give it 5 lemons!


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