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Ride Me.

My favorite harness in the entire world - the Luxe White Jaguar by Aslan Leather - which I aptly renamed "pretty boi." If you're looking for a harness that's comfortable, HOT, and well-made, look no further. I've been fortunate enough to have squandored a small fortune on harnesses - I love my job - but I always ended up with a bruised pelvic bone and ridiculous strap marks. And the chafing, oh, the chafing!!! No longer, fabulous readers...

Not only is this harness beautiful, soft white leather (vegans - beware!), but she rides low and directly over your clit for amazing stimulation. A-MA-ZING. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, for those of you that ride and ride hard. Also, the Aslan Leather company has a wide array of VERY satisfied customers - girls, boys, bois, grrls, transfolk, and whoever the hell else you are or may become. They support community, and that's cool.

Back to the harness - there's pretty much nothing else to say except its great for both beginners and experienced strapping lads and ladies.

~ A

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