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For People Who Don’t Get Turned On By Porn Soundtracks

I always thought I just wasn’t into porn, and I couldn’t figure it out. Action movies and really hot sex scenes always get my wet in movie theaters, or at home. And just the thought of Bettie Page shaking it gets me all hot and bothered. But I always seem to get too distracted by porn and then start thinking about, how did they shave that close without getting razor burn? Do you think it’s a wax? And how did they get so hot already? Did they prep or are they just really into exhibition? How many people do you think is in their room filming? I wonder if they eat organic?
I know for a lot of people all the cheesy lines and crappy music isn’t exactly getting you wet. For some people it really does the trick, but I can’t cum when I keep hearing some chick (or dude) giggling or making cat noises. So I put the porn on mute and blast my sex mix, not only does it muff (slightly) my own sex noises from the neighbors, I’m not distracted by the porn. And I get to choose what I’m listening to! Bettie Page gyrating to Bikini Kill, dykes bonin’ to Led Zeppelin and The Doors, etc., etc.
And it works. Every Time.

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