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Art for Your Parts (I couldn't come up with anything better...)

For those nerds who dig erotic paintings, drawings, and graphics from the past - like me and my lady - I would love to introduce to you EROTICA: 17th-20th Century, The Complete Collector's Edition. This lovely compilation of erotic art spans the ages to include realistic pencil drawings, kinky french prints, surrealist paintings, classical lithographs, comic graphics, and much much more. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes down-right hot, the four book set features such artists as revered freaks Picasso and Salvador Dali, that sexy bastard Tom of Finland, classic freak Rembrandt, and "an anonymous Czech who obviously loves plump women." There's something for every one of every spectrum - even though, due to society and censorship, the art world has primarily catered to the heterocentric appetite.
  • The Fornicon: A collection of Swiss "inventions," i.e. love machines. Neutral, or just "busy," Switzerland?
  • Hilda or The Triumph of Big Women: hottie Hilda takes a few lanky men on the ride of their life. Rock on, Hilda, rock on.
  • The Story of O by Crepax (who also illustrated de Sade's Justine & Masoch's Venus In Furs)
  • Kake: a Tom of Finland comic strip about a sudden threesome in the woods between a cop, a sailor, and a leather daddy (plus a thoroughly-satisfied woman with a police baton). So hot.
  • A sequence called The Nun featuring... guess who? Hey, everyone needs love.
Down sides: Quite a few misogynistic illustrations, and that racist bastard Crumb got a spot amidst some very amazing artists. Bummer.

All in all, I'm reviewing this collection because its interesting, sometimes funny, pretty hot, and a little-known must-have for any erotic-art library. Only 3 Lemons due to the down sides.
~ A.

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