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Lady Jane

Another Fun Factory toy, from the Sinnflut line, I saw her at good vibes and just knew she deserved her name, Lady Jane. 100% silicone, completely water resistant (go for a swim and take her for a ride), rechargeable on a pedestal with - quite appropriately - a cunt as her source of power. Needless to say, I was creamin' in my panties when I saw her sitting there. And when I finally got her home with me, well I was a little disappointed. Vibration wasn't strong enough at the tip and I’m a big ol' clit girl, so Lady Jane pretty much just sits on my bathroom sink waiting for the day to reign. And after $150 bucks, I still turn to Veronica for self lovin'. As fantastic as Lady Jane is, she just doesn't make me juice.


1 comment:

jailbait said...

Lady Jane was the first vibrator i used with my old partner. We were a bit scared of the ridges at first, personally they were very uncomfortable unless it was used underwater. My partner loved it, orgasm after orgasm she was very into intercourse and I loved hearing her scream and watching her pull her hair when i increased the strength of the vibration. It stayed charged for many hours which was awesome--4 lemons. The downside, Lady Jane refused to charge after about 5 months of use. I was definately very disappointed in my $155 choice and was to lazy to send it in. Lady Jane is stuffed away in a box and has yet to see the light. I agree with BEX--2 lemons