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Dirty Pillows' Pornograflics: a'ight...

So, ladies, I write this with deep regret, but such is my job... Dirty Pillows' PORNOGRAFLICS, labeled as "a scintillating collage of lesbian queer porn," was a fuckin' lemon. I love the concept and yearn for the day when dyke porn is a genre rather than a fist-full of titles, but this film just didn't make me feel (or want to feel) a fist-full of anything.

Doing a bit of research, I found the company's mission fabulous - the more women-owned, women-made porn out there, the better. However, as a product I was let down. It didn't get me hot, period.

However, there was a scene with two sexy dykes chasing eachother around a tree, mercilessly teasing me and my 'lady'. I thought, "fucking fantastic, the moment I've been waiting for", and grabbed the lube with abandon.... ONLY FOR THE SCENE TO END THERE!!! Fuckin' Bummer.

Upside: Random shots of burlesque lady Tanya Cheex shakin' it - go, lady, go! And a RIDICULOUS female ejaculation courtesy of Venus in Furs - dear god, woman.

All in all, I love they're mission to deliver quality lesbian-queer pornography, and I hope they continue doing it - but I'm a critic of the product, not the company. Sorry ladies.


PS: Billie, you're beautiful, and I'm sure you are so missed.

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