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Yes, like Monroe.

Originally called "Raquel" from the VixSkin line, I knew even before I bought her the name would have to go. The biggest reason probably being Raquel is Ariana's ex-girlfriends name, and it felt kind of like a weird form of incest to bone a dildo with the same name. Anyway, moving on, Marilyn Monroe was hot. She always so flirty and femmy in her pictures, so I named her Marilyn, after Marilyn Monroe's beautiful pinup pictures.

Marilyn is a fantastic dildo especially for those who prefer something nonrealistic. This dildo is 100% silicone, 8” long, 1 ½” Diameter. Marilyn has a firm interior with a soft exterior, and the head is nice squishy (the makings for a good friend to the lady and the pooper). So it’s not too painful if there’s an accidental cervix bump. She’s got a nice curve and is very flexible. Just what you want in a Lady.

It also has a little scoop at the base, which creates a slight suction. Good for sticking on the wall and going to town, it’s not the best suction, but it does the trick.

I prefer to start with Marilyn and then move onto something a little firmer.

She fits perfectly in a harness, and is quite alluring. However I’m not the biggest penetration girl, but I do very much enjoy her company on late nights. I give Marilyn 4 lemons, she is wonderful and sexy and ├╝bber feminine, but I would prefer something a little thicker.


p.s. We got Marilyn when it first came out, and it appears now that Vixskin is making them 7” long, which I conquer, is an excellent improvement. Our Marilyn is awkwardly long.

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