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WoRd-pLaY: Erotica for Dykes!

As the in-house self-identified dyke and "erotica connoisseur," I feel I have an obligation to all literate lady-lovin' ladies out there to review my favorite erotica compilations for you.

Now before we start, lets review the proper one-handed page flipping technique:
1.) Lie the book with its spine in your palm.
2.) Spread your fingers so the thumb and pinky hold the pages, your three middle fingers supporting the book's weight.
3.) Flip pages with thumb.
4.) Use free hand to, well, do whatever it is you do best!

Alright, now down to the naughty parts.

My favorite compilation, which they keep on pumping out much to my satisfaction, is the "Best Lesbian Erotica" (particularly '05,'06, & '07). These fabulously naughty book have featured such amazing erotica writers as Eric(a) Maroney, S. Bear Bergman, Jai T., Peggy Munson, and MANY MORE... Believe me when I say that long-time editor Tristan Taormino deserves a shiny golden lemon statue for these books.
The content is varied and fabulous, giving the reader even more fantasies - no, you haven't thought of them all. For baby dykes and newbies to older couples to SF dykes to a multitude of backgrounds and individualities: sexy yoga instructors, hot-for-teacher scenarios, lovin' at Grand Central during rush hour. Honey, the possibilities are indeed endless.

Keep on the look-out for more posts, the library is growing...

~ A

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