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The Cone

Ahh, the cone. This expensive silicone vibrator is a tricky one to master. Most definitely for the advanced sex toy explorers. It took me some experimenting before I could actually figure out how to enjoy this toy, but once I did it was okay. And then I experimented further, mostly because it was so damn expensive, and good god my lady had the ride of her life. I would suggest this only for people who are very into sex toys and have the time alone to figure out how to use this, and the patience to actually spend the day in various positions trying this out. On second thought, a very fun day.



~A. said...

PS - It has an ORGASM Button!!!

Anonymous said...

So, I don't want to give you the impression that I'm reluctant to spend an entire day experimenting with sex toys, but can you give us some advice on how to make this toy go from "okay" to "good god"?

~a. said...

Personally, the Cone is delicious to...well..sit on. I like stimulation on my perineum, so its perfect. I know Ms. Brenna will have more to say but in the mean time, if you get it, it comes with a handy-dandy picture of various poses - solo or with partner.

Have fun, be safe, go juice.

~a. said...

go to for additional info, those lovely drawings, and more.

Juicy Fact: The Cone recently won the Adult Industry's prestigious ETO Award for Best Adult Product.