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So, my big Christmas present to my lady was GIGI. And dear god was it a good present if I do say so myself. Here’s all the boring technical crap about GIGI.

The GIGI by Lelo, a(n AWESOME) Swedish sex toy manufacturer, is a rechargeable virtually silent vibrator. By FAR the quietest fucking vibrator I’ve ever encountered. Pretty cool. The white handle is hard plastic, and the purple part is medical grade silicone (only the best for my lady). It’s got 5 patterns, and 7 vibrational speeds, and her buttons lock which is awesome for so many different reasons. The hammer shape of the head creates excellent g-spot stimulation, and is the best design for clitoral stimulation I’ve ever seen for ladies that like firmer stimulation. The curve in the neck is also pretty fuckin sweet, because it lays quite nicely a long your lady from the clitoral head all the way down to the vaginal opening.

So, we named her Leelou after The 5th Element shortly after we had both gotten a go. Interestingly enough I was nonplussed by Leelou at first, but as I got more warmed up, well, things changed a bit. And by the time I was done, I was jello. Legs twitching and toes cramped. Leelou was the perfect name. She is the perfect woman.

So I'm giving Leelou 5 lemons. Twice. She's just that fuckin' good.


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