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Sex Advice & Lemonade is racy. It's for people 18 & over.

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Contact us for anything, from the best cock-on-the-block to safer sex resources, from the most delicious sex books to our favorite lemonade recipes. And anything you want critiqued, got your eye on a vibrator, a porn, some erotica? If you want to know what we think first, let us know. We promise, we don't judge...

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Please note: In the subject line, please write "Ask Sex Advice & Lemonade", otherwise we will not reply. Sex Advice & Lemonade may post your emailed inquiries on our blog anonymously. If you're uncomfortable with this, simply let us know when you ask the question.


I Just Juiced... SUNDAY, Oct 14th, 1pm-5pm

Sex Advice & Lemonade

A Sex Positive Information Booth

$2.00 Lemonade. $.50 Accurate Information from Professional Sex Educators. Sunshine. Free Condoms, Female Condoms, & Gloves.

What we're about:

Sex Advice & Lemonade is about creating a fun, sex-positive environment, aimed at supporting all consensual sexual preferences, acts, & lifestyles. This will include providing accurate information & resources on: sexual awareness, kink, safer sex, activism, etc. to help promote healthy relationships within ourselves, with others, and within our community. Not to mention delicious beverages and kick-ass women.


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